Untangle – Open Source Network Gateway


Untangle.com will provide users with an open source network gateway that blocks spam, as well as spyware, in addition to viruses and other potentially inappropriate websites.

These inappropriate websites include porn, gambling or social networks.

Untangle.com is a very convenient online portal you can open in order to get the best open source software in a very easy to use way. If you have a small business you need to know that this tool was specially designed for you. The solution combines projects, as well as adds missing features, writing them to the Untangle Platform for a GUI, automatic update, and log and report.

The Untangle Server along with 12 additional apps is totally free and works as an open source. Untangle.com sells 8 commercial add-ons that include live support, in addition to advanced management features and a variety of extra apps.

These are some impressive numbers you need to know about the Untangle server: It has 14,000 small businesses protecting over 900,000 business users, and growth continues to accelerate. This could be a very useful solution to protect your business and you will get more information only after you open this online portal at Untangle.com Untangle