Ud.com – Checking If Brand Names Are Taken Or Not

Ud.comIf you are going to launch a business today, dreaming up its name is trickier than ever because of the many Social ramifications at play. You have to check that the name is not taken on all major social services, and there are enough of these to make a manual comparison too time-consuming to be enjoyable.

And that is not even taking into account the usual trademark considerations that lie at the heart of such a process.

This site will let you take care of all that – it will let you check the availability of different names all over the Social Web and beyond. A single search produces results in four different fields: “Top 10 Generic Domains”, “Top 10 Country Domains”, “Top 10 Social Networks” and “Trademarks”. The results that are provided are instantly shareable and printable.

If anything, a resource like this one is a great time saver. Even if you don’t think that the company you are about to launch would be that far-reaching in international terms it is always best to have all bases covered from the very beginning. And a service like this one will let you do it, in an entirely flexible and natural way.

Ud.com In Their Own Words

“Check availability of social usernames, domain names and trademarks.”

Why Ud.com It Might Be A Killer

Any person who is thinking about starting a business of his own should keep a service like this one close at hand – it can help him prevent troubles that are entirely unnecessary.

Some Questions About Ud.com

Can you buy domains straight through the site? Ud.com