– Find What You Need On Twitter

Twook4it.comTwitter is so big that finding like-minded individuals is not necessarily as easy as you might think. The same happens to people looking for something.

Maybe someone is looking for something and you know where it can be found, or maybe the opposite is true – you might be in need of something, and another person might as well know where to look for it. The thing is, if you never meet or get in touch how cold you two possibly help each other out?

Enter this site. Broadly speaking, it will let you look up people who are looking for anything in particular, or people who have found something which is hard to come across, and wish to share their finds with the rest.

The site itself is pretty straightforward, and the main page highlights the most wanted items as of late. This means that you can click straight on any tag and see the results on the spot, without having to type anything. In Their Own Words

“Search for people looking for something.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is so big that any tool that makes for streamlining the whole experience and bringing conciseness into the picture is more than appreciated.

Some Questions About

How many people are already using this service?