– Using Twitter To Help Others

Twittelp.comTwittelp is a platform that will let you help people who are near to where you are located. How is that accomplished? Easy.

The site brings together the tweets of these people that could use a hand. Anything that is posted here will be read both by the person’s followers and also by the ones who are not really following him but who are located in his close vicinity.

This geolocalization makes for a more meaningful experience. And it is a logical feature, if you think about it – what good is it to read about a person who needs something you can do if the person is located at the opposite end of the country?

In the end, a service like this one is all the more appealing when we bear in mind that Twitter has already been used to save lives. I am sure you can recall the incident in which Demi Moore retweeted a suicide message and prevented someone from taking his own life about two years ago. That simply highlights the potential for good that Twitter has always had. And (if I recall correctly) this is the first application realizing that potential directly. In Their Own Words

“Help in the blink of a tweet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Applications such as this one simply exemplify all the good that Twitter can do if focused correctly.

Some Questions About

What features are missing and should be added ASAP?