– Writer’s Tricks And Tropes

Tvtropes.orgIf you enjoy writing and you’d like to learn some tips on how to improve it, you might find this site interesting. Tvtropes.

org contains a catalogue of tricks of the trade for writing fiction. There are as well many tropes or expressions available on their webpage that you can use in your writings. They have many tropes and none of them are clichés, they try to be as original as possible. The web site works as a wiki, which means anybody can add materials or even edit the page. On the left side of the web site there is a material’s classification: narrative, genre, media, topical tropes, and other categories. Among the narrative you will see diverse links, such as: universal, characters, dialogue, motifs, narrative devices, plots, spectacle, etc. Some of the genres you can find are action adventure, comedy, commercials, crime and punishment, drama, horror, love, news, sports story, war, etc.