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TuxSoftware.comTuxSoftware.com has been developed to help you research, find, and install free Linux software as simply as possible.

The site’s aim is to compile an informative listing of only the latest, most popular, and well-documented GNU/Linux software and provide a means of easy installation of that software directly from your web browser. Each application listed on the site contains descriptions, system requisites, multiple screen shots, external links, a browser based installer, and user comments.TuxSoftware.com is a web-based Linux software installation site for Ubuntu, Debian, and derived distributions such as gOS or DreamLinux. On the site you will find hundreds of the most popular Linux applications available for installation directly from your web browser with links, reviews, screen shots, and additional information for each. The goal of the site is to provide one place where you can find, research, and install all the free software (cost & libre) you need as quickly and as easily as possible. The Linux Software Installer allows you to perform browser based installations and local .deb package installs. It was originally based on a modified version of mintInstall but now implements code from other open source projects also such as GDebi and Prism. The site’s long term goals are to develop a multi-solution utility for package management that is not only very fast and very easy but also educates and informs the user. TuxSoftware.com