– Your Music Anywhere at Anytime

tunesBag.comAll of us know the problem: How to listen to your music at work, university, at a party or other places when your iPod is at home or the use is not acceptable? tunesBag solves this problem by offering a full features online audio library where all you need is a browser to play your music. You can organize your music in playlists, share data with friends and integrate various accounts including your Facebook account for your friends list.

The interface is similar to iTunes, so no great learning curve. The service is the perfect add-on for your existing iTunes / Winamp software and offers a native importer for both programs. Sharing playlists with friends is a great feature and the recommendations delivered by various services (e.g. MyStrands, help you to improve your listening habits and discover new music and artists. The basic service is and will be free so everyone can join and enjoy.