Tunecore.com – Sell Your Music Online

Tunecore.comIf you are a musician struggling to get your music sold and heard over the internet, then you should take a look at this website. Tunecore.

com gives musicians and bands access to some of the most popular online music retailers. How does it work? TuneCore has arrangements with all the leading digital music retailers like Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, Music.com, and lala.com, among many others. These arrangements let them place your music in their stores and subscription services. All the money generated from downloads of your music goes entirely to you. In order to access to this service, first you must pay TuneCore a fee that varies according to quantity of the music and time. They charge 0.99 US dollars per track, 0.99 per store per album, and 19.98 per album per year. Up to now, more than 400.000 songs have been delivered and over 6 million dollars have been generated. Tunecore.com