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Tryamericanspirit.comNatural American Spirit is a cigarrette brand of the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, and the brand’s webpage showing every detail of the products they sell.


By signing up for an account you will become a registered user and will be able to see information about Natural American Spirit, even receiving gift certificates. The form which you must fill may seem a bit long and detailed, but explains that this is so in order to make sure no subscribers are under 21 years old.

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, is respectful of smoking habits and choices of consumers, and puts special care in not encouraging non smokers to start smoking, nor smokers to increase their habit. This care is taken to the extent of including a Quit Smoking section in their main menu, where you will find a list of 20 links to organizations or articles that can give you a hand for reaching that goal.

That is only an example of the company’s attention to society and community. In 1997, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco created a foundation for supporting Indian communities in their culture and self preservation.

According to, the brand has appeared in many popular culture productions like films or TV series, such as Kill Bill, The Perfect Storm or The Sopranos. Whether this is a coincidence or a good work of merchandising may be something to wander about, but it is undeniable that these cigarrettes have found their way to show themselves off.

If you feel like trying them after reading this review, you will find a Store Locator in the webpage. In Their Own Words

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company markets its tobacco products only to smokers aged 21 and over.

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Besides information about the products for sale, this site offers a lot of data to help farmers grow tobacco in a safe way for the environment.

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The other brands of Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company have similar sites as


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