TrippedOff.Com – Real Travel Experiences goal is to put a social networking and the travel arena together.

The site was created with the intention of giving users the opportunity to report all their experiences on this site.

So they can recommend things to do at as many places as you might be thinking about. No matter what place in the world you might be at, this is a useful website to take a look at. You can enter to the site, click on the place you want to now about, and you will receive the information you are looking for, along with very useful tips.

Feel free of sharing your traveling stories with all the member of this novel community, and experience the excitement of learning about the world.

You will be able to take a look to the best, as well as the most convenient restaurants, hotels or many other places you will find at the different places you are planning to go. You can also connect to other members, communicate with each them and add them as friends. has been created to fill that gap, with experiences, ideas and articles contributed by real travelers in the community.