– Media Sharing on a Mission

Treemo.comTreemo is a web and mobile application that allows users to upload and share their videos, photos, and music all this with a focus on mobile applications. At the site users can program their own channel and share data with other people and the world.

With this feature users can add tags, add locations, and upload via email or even by phone. To use this you do not have to download any additional software. The best part is that Treemo is entirely free and offers 200 MB of storage each month. At the site you will be able to find many categories such as explore, my channel, widgets, mobile, upload, main, register, sign in, forgot password, help, featured users, featured images and featured videos. If you like you may also enter the site contest and win prizes. Currently the contest is about Alicia Keys. So check out this site and share your videos with the world.