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Transworldsystems.comTransworld Systems is the company responsible for the Greenflag Profit Recovery System, a set of tools for the recovery of bad debts and past due accounts. The company claims that the main assets of the product include results at reduced costs when compared to the competition, as well as the ability to net more money since the company does not receive a percentage, just a flat fee that averages about 10 US$ per account.

Other featured services include medical and dental collection when it comes to both unresolved claims and slow paying patients, and a Plus version of GreenFlag DDA Recovery that makes for lower recovery costs and additional income. This version also features easy account management alongside proprietary web-based reporting tools. Lastly, the markets served by Transworld Systems are detailed in the pertinent section of the site, which also includes a list of clients that use the company’s products, along with testimonials.