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If you are into performance cars and usually research your stuff online, consider taking a look at this site, focused on presenting the complete catalogue of equipment for GM, Ford, and Dodge vehicles on sale by PATC Transmissions. By exploring TransmissionCenter.

net you will be able to find a variety of rebuilt stock and performance automatic transmissions, torque converters, parts, and manuals in order to make your car work as nicely as you want. A big advantage of this site over its competitors is that it ships worldwide, though searching it can be a bit confusing, as stuff is just listed in no particular order, which means that you’ll have to recur to F3 to get hold of what you are looking for, or scroll up and down. Hopefully they can rethink this in order to make the site a bit more user-friendly. Purchases from the site are available, though only on selected items, and you have to look for the purchase button, and finding the prices for your items can be a bit hard, however you can find extensive information on each item on offer.