– Alabama History and Genealogy

TrackingYourRoots.comAlways wanted to know who your ancestors were? Trying to find your genealogy or family history, more commonly known as ´family tree,´ can be very hard. TrackingYourRoots.

com is a website dedicated to making your life a lot easier when trying to trace your descendents. was founded by Lisa R. Franklin on the 5th of October, 1995. The site is only for those who live in the Alabama region. Holding a large list of family histories, you must search your descendents by county you live in. For example, if you live in Bullock, you must click on the A-Cl tab at the top of the page and so on. There is also a miscellaneous option for those who want to make a more thorough search under the British/Spanish Territories and Military options. So if you live in the Alabama region and are in search of your family genealogy, family history, or family tree, look no further than