– Hosting And Automation Solutio is located in Wilmington, Delaware and has been in the market for ten years already.

They provide automated hosting solutions to their local and business clients. Their products vary from server device administration, including network, hardware, software, and application administration, to application hosting. For business they offer managed service solutions, managed automated hosting solutions, managed e-mail, etc. Some of the companies they have partnered with are Cisco Systems, Cogent Communications, Echo, Bulk Register, Gateway Defender, Geo Trust, Qwest, Urchin, etc. On the main page there are diverse links containing data centers, support, community, and products. They have a professional team of account managers that will give you the technical support you need in case something unexpected happens. They have many locations on the East coast, Central Southern coast, as well as the Central Northwest. In addition to their hosting solutions they also offer a suite of managed services in order to help small and medium size companies achieving their organizational goals.