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TintDude.comThe site provides information on window tinting that can be useful to both professionals and consumers. The site offers articles on basic window tinting installation, laws, care and cleaning, removing window tinting, and other related topics.

A Tip of the Week section is also available and here, visitors of the site can read current and previous tips posted. Tips include relevant topics such tint peeling technique, cutting around the matrix, masking, window tint price increase, etc. The site also provides links to tint shops and other websites of interest. Visitors can also benefit from the experience of professionals by accessing the Window Tinting Forum. In the forum anyone can post questions, doubts, ideas and so forth and get in touch and communicate with others sharing this interest. All the information required to tint windows is available on this website, so whether a professional or someone wanting to know as much as possible before going ahead with their window tinting plans. TintDude.com