TigerLogic.com/ChunkIt – ChunkIt Personal Search Engine

TigerLogic.com/ChunkItTigerLogic Solutions has just launched ChunkIt!, a personal search engine that allows users to see the possible search results before they are clicked on. The tool saves users from clicking back and forth between sites, wasting time on useless links, and cluttering their screen with too many tabs and open windows.

As soon as the tool download is complete, the ChunkIt! box appears in the user’s browsers. The user then enters keywords into the search field, as if it were a regular search engine. From there, ChunkIt! searches through web pages and their links, and extracts the most pertinent and valuable information based on the search criteria. ChunkIt! provides the visual display to accompany and enhance the provided information. ChunkIt! is a free download, and installs in seconds.

TigerLogic.com/ChunkIt In Their Own Words

“After a quick install, you’ll see the new ChunkIt! search box appear in your browser. By entering key words like you would with any search engine, valuable information from deep inside the Web hundreds of times faster than conventional search tools. ChunkIt! does this by searching through web pages, as well as its links, extracting the valuable “chunks” of information contained in the target pages that meet your search criteria. You’ll no longer have to put up with the endless lists of website links and cryptic abstracts delivered by conventional search engines.”

Why TigerLogic.com/ChunkIt It Might Be A Killer

ChunkIt! alleviates the time and energy expended in the search process. Following the initial download, the tool is self-explanatory. If ChunkIt! were to be introduced to a wide audience, there would undoubtedly be numerous users who would find it beneficial and useful.

Some Questions About TigerLogic.com/ChunkIt

How can TigerSolutions advertise this new tool? How may potential users be reached? What tactics can be used to encourage users to switch to this search tool over conventional search engines? TigerLogic.com/ChunkIt