TicketToRead.com – Making Reading Fun for Kids

TicketToRead.comI understand it when parents complain about how difficult it is to make kids become interested in reading a book nowadays. The Internet has lowered the attention span of people, and that is not a personal opinion at all. That is simply stating facts.

However, the Internet can also be used in order to make people pick up reading habits. It is all a matter of being creative, of using the immediacy that technology has to build a different kind of link between readers and books. And that is something sites like TicketToRead make incredibly easy.

On TicketToRead.com, children are presented with texts that come with lots of different activities, and that will let them practice everything from vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. And children will actually be rewarded for their reading activity – they will earn points that can eventually be exchanged for prizes.

TicketToread is designed for grades K?6, and students will actually be able to access the application anywhere a web-enabled computer is available – all the activities take place on the browser.

Why TicketToRead.com It Might Be A Killer

It is great because it bridges the gap between the old and the new, and it lets children enjoy reading in a setting which is as dynamic as anything that we associate with the Internet. TicketToRead.com