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TiaJudy.comIf you like knitting and you are looking for instructions and patterns, this website is exactly what you need. TiaJudy.

com is the official website of “Tia” Judy Gibson, a knitting expert who provides knitting instructions and patterns. Here you can access to her original patterns, browse trough her knitting gallery, and free knitting video lessons. All her latest news are posted here along with her major upcoming events. The best thing about this site is that the entire content of it is free. Each pattern you select displays pictures and instructions as well as advices by the author of the site. All the lessons and patterns posted here are divided into categories and difficulty. You can fin patterns for beginners and for more experienced knitters. Finally, in case you need further assistance, you wish to leave a comment, or make a contribution, here you can find all the means to contact “Tia” Judy. TiaJudy.com