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Thottbot.comMMO aficionados will be delighted to hear about, which will prove a great resource for them, as they can search the site for tips and playing strategies for Warcraft.

When first clicking into this site, you will be presented with a searchbox not unlike Google’s, but when rolling the mouse over some small script under the searchbox, a list of the site’s content rolls down so users can browse what bit of the extensive resources and information on this classic MMO they can take advantage of, like exhaustive lists of weapons, quests, profiles, gems, pets, classes (druid, shaman, mage, etc.) or professions (enchanting, jewelcrafting, alchemy, etc.), and the list goes on an on. All the information available from this site is for free use of its visitors, and users are encouraged to submit information, tricks and general knowledge on Warcraft. Also worthy to take a look at are the forums, where a large community of MMO fans share their musings and insight as to this thrilling game.