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TheWeatherChannel.comTrue to its name, provides weather information for just any address or landmark within the United States. Simply by giving your street address or your ZIP code you will be able to get a detailed report, and such a report will actually be placed on a map for much easier reference.

And as a registered user of the service you will be able to receive weather alerts straight on your mobile. This will be incredibly useful if your work puts you face to face with nature, and even a small mistake could cost you dearly. I am mostly thinking about fishermen, but a service like the one provided by TheWeatherChannel will also be of great aid to people who work in rural areas.

The maps button at the main menu is the one you must click on if you want to see geographical images showing different types of forecasts on a map. For example, you will find a “Current Weather” which will show you an overview of the whole country but which you can zoom for different areas to get a closer look of the weather in a given place. The classic radar, on the other hand, will show you images of weather forecasts as you’re used to see them in other media. Current temperatures at the time you are checking the forecasts will be there too, as well as an interstate forecast.

At Weather Channel’s site you can also watch videos of different climatic phenomena, but the site is not all about weather or weather forecasts. There are also interesting articles and news of related topics, as for example the main foods you can eat in each season, or environmental issues which affect wildlife such as fish or bats. If you’d like to know what’s the issue with bats, you just have to visit the site and find out.

And for those who are interested, TheWeatherChannel website includes both a glossary and an encyclopedia. If you have ever wanted to know how tornadoes are formed and for how long they can actually go around before vanishing altogether, then this is the place to do it.


In Their Own Words

Since 1982, The Weather Channel has brought timely weather information to the world. Beginning as a 24-hour, 7 day television network devoted entirely to weather, it has expanded across several mediums to bring the breaking weather to its viewers and users.

Why Might Be A Killer

People whose daily jobs place them in close contact with nature will find this site very useful. And those who are into the planning of events will also derive lots of uses from this site.


Will they offer weather forecasts from other countries some time in the future?


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