– You Are Not The Only One

TheShapeOfAMother.comHow many mothers, after one or more pregnancies felt their body wasn’t the same as it was before getting pregnant? This happens to most women that go through a pregnancy period. For this reason, theshapeofamother.

com is dedicated to all these women that have one thing in common: their body after having a baby. To be able to visit the main content of this site you will have to go to the “click here to enter” and then you will have access to all the content of the site. Basically, this site has the aim of publishing pictures of women, naked or dressed, showing their bodies after having one or more children. This way the common trauma of the body in the post-pregnancy period can be lessened and it’s also a way of showing future generations that the new body of these women is not that horrible, and that’s common to all women that have gone through at least one pregnancy. The women that publish these pictures usually write some comments for those how haven’t gone through this situation yet. So if you think you look horrible in your new body visit and you will see you are not the only one that feels like this.