– A Guide For Seniors

TheRubins.comThis informative web puts together in one place different resources for senior citizens. You can find books, books reviews and links that cover subjects of crucial importance as health and preventive care, aging process and assisted living.

However, health is not the only subject that interest elders, legal matters also count. Therefore, there are special sections for Social Security, Legislation, Medicaid and Medicare benefits. The helpful ideas section as well as the discounts section tries to put as handy as possible tips and data that can make life easier and more enjoyable. This web goes directly to the point, listing the resources available and useful for senior citizens. You can browse easily, leave your comments, and receive advice. lists, as a public service, free seminars or lectures that deal with aging.
If you are a senior citizen, a caregiver or someone who simply loves them, you will find that this web site provides information that could be useful for you or your beloved ones.