– Photos By Kevin Connolly

Therollingexhibition.comThe Rolling Exhibition is an online photo gallery that was designed and created by an American photographer named Kevin Connolly. The photos are the reactions to him of the people he has met as he travels around the world; Kevin Connolly was born without legs.

Kevin Connolly is also a keen sports man and used the money he won from his monoski silver medal at the X Games extreme sports competition to fund his travel around the world and take the photos that can now be viewed at This web site has a clear and simple design and offers its visitors a chance to view the photos taken by Kevin Connolly during his travels, gives them news about the latest projects and goings on in his life, as well as a statement from the artist about the work itself. Within the site there is also a biography and a chance to contact Kevin Connolly or to by a copy of one of his photos.