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Thensome.comAt you will find all kinds of miscellaneous information about many different topics.

It has started as a site for New York City but then it started to increase the number of topics posted so it turned out to be a site that contains lots of general info. On the main page you will see tons of links in the left side of the site, such as: pet health, acne description, grieving dogs, feline mega colon, canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome, hemolytic anemia, feline and canine epilepsy, curcuim, ginger, olive oil research, pet cancer, homeopathy, vaccinations, non toxic cleaning and pet tips, puffy eye tips, cut flower tips, financial links, etc. At first the web site only contained info about NY and the places you should visit while you are there. Those links still remain within the site; some of them are NY food, shopping centers, transportation, sightseeing, thrift shops, museums, etc.