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TheNewspaper.comThis online newspaper focuses only on the politics of driving and features stories relating only to matters on this particular subject. Readers interested can find news stories on tolls, speeding violations, car taxes, drunk driving laws, checkpoints, and other such topics.

Information on popular studies can also be found on the website, featuring information on red light cameras studies, yellow light investigations, as well as studies conducted on carpool lanes, and more. A section on key documents is also available and featured here are documents, statistics court decisions and commentaries. Readers can also find popular stories from the archives of the site that feature driving related issues from around the world. In these archives one can find interesting bits of news such as “Meter Maid Arrested for Ticketing Cop” or even “Virginia Introduces $3550 Speeding Ticket”. On this site, readers will certainly be kept up to date on everything that is driving related.