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ThenAgain.comIf there is one thing I hate more than sites which are poorly fit to run on explorers other than IE, is sites whose links don’t work, and this is one such case, though it is clear that the person keeping it was doing something probably more interesting than programming his site, as is home for a variety of history articles, essays and information on world history on different levels: dissertations, PowerPoint presentations for college and elementary education, and also primary sources and a glossary of terms and methodological guidelines to create a research paper which will come in handy for all audiences.

If you are looking for quick reference guides and chronologies, probably the best way to go in the site is the WebChron area, where world history is broken down into different regions and topics (including arts, philosophy and technology), and a detailed timeline of the most relevant aspects and landmarks are presented, and biographies of relevant people are provided as well.