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TheIthacaJournal.comThe Ithaca Journal was first published in the year 1815. Even though the printed version of this newspaper still exists, you can also access to its interesting and updated content through this website.

The Ithaca Journal discusses news that can be included into many different categories, such as sports, international affairs, local news, business, entertainment, life, community, weather, etc. You can also find a very detailed classified section that might come in handy if you are looking for a job, or you are trying to find the house of your dreams. You can post your own ad, if you are the one that needs to sell something. The site has a search engine that can help you if you need to look for a specific piece of information. You can subscribe at this website, if you want to have full access to all the features that offers. Visit this website and find out what’s going on in the Ithaca Journal world.