– Grumpy Supermodels and Stars

TheGrumpiest.comHave you heard the expression “have a whale of a time”? Its meaning basically shows that you are having the time of your life. I cannot promise you will if visiting TheGrumpiest.

com but it is certainly a good blog for a start. A classical pattern of a blog was used to design this website which features basically stuff about gossips. You know super models are not always in super hills or wearing super make-up, sometimes and just sometimes they look a little bit grumpy. I am sure you have recently seen Britney Spears looking not so good and behaving herself not so much like a lady. Have you seen Kate Moss’ bony butt? Have a whale of a time checking this and the latest gossips of Hollywood and its sometimes grumpy stars out. Funny pictures taken in the worst moment for them, making them look even grumpier but that’s what gossips are all about, aren’t they? I am sure Kate Moss or Britney Spears will not agree.