– Free file upload and sharing is a free file hosting website that allows users to upload their files, pictures, musics and text.

Some of the main features of this website includes unlimitted brandwidth, unlimitted storage, and the files never get deleted, even if its had no visitors. The uploading process is very simple, and no registration is required.
First, go to www.thefilegarage,com. Now, in the form thats to your right, give the file a name, a description, click browse to select the file from your computer, and click upload! Once the file is done uploading, you will receive the page link where users can view and/or download your files.

If for example, you’ve uploaded a picture, a sample page link looks like the following:

If you’ve visited the link above, you’ll notice that users can even leave comments on the files you’ve uploaded.

Well to wrap up, if your constantly on forums, or your looking for a reliable place to host and share your files, does just that.

Why It Might Be A Killer, in my opinion is a great and very competitive file hosting website, that does not yet get the reputation it deserves, due to its unpopularity.
Its also one of the rare free file hosts that puts this little advertisement on the file’s download page.