– How People Will Look Like

TheFaceOfTomorrow.comIf you have ever wondered how you will look like in the future, you will probably be interested in this site. The Face of Tomorrow is a collaborative project that aims to determine what the average citizen of the world’s largest cities will look like in a couple of centuries.

The site puts together 100 pictures of each city and mixes them to come up with a prediction of female and male average looks. The idea behind this collaborative project is that globalization has a great potential of changing not only the way we see the world, but also the way we look as different cultures and ethnicities mix. When you visit the site, you can take a look at the average man and woman of the future New York, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Sydney, Amsterdam and many others, and even compare the pictures of several locations or check out what are the upcoming cities. The best bit about this project is that it creates the image composites by putting together photos submitted by the site users, one male and one female at a time; in order to collaborate with The Face of Tomorrow, take a look at the ‘Add My City’ tag to get instructions on how to take the pictures.