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TheCulinaryReview.comThe Culinary Review is an online food and cooking resource designed for individuals concerned about the calories and cost of the food we all eat. Finished recipe costs and calories of many of America’s favorite TV chefs, from Martha Stewart to Rachel Ray to America’s Test Kitchen are featured.

The heart of The Culinary Review centers around the world’s only freely available database of food costs, density conversions and calories. The ingredient database is fully integrated with recipes and display what the recipes cost as well as how many calories they contain. The Culinary Review also provides a unique, freely available database of ingredients that enables visitors to convert the mass and volume of any particular ingredient well as see the cost and calorie content at different amounts. In Their Own Words

“The Culinary Review offers an ingredient database with measurements regarding calories and costs. We list how much each ingredient costs and how many calories contains. This information is used within all our recipes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While there are a lot of current cooking websites online, The Culinary Review has a unique angle. This site features the cost of popular recipes as well as the calorie content. Nowhere online is the cost of popular recipes as well as classic dishes available for anyone to see.

Some Questions About

Aren’t already too many sites on the web that offer this service?