Textbo.org – Compare The Prices Of Textbooks

Textbo.orgTextbo offers a white label solution for the building of price-comparison engines for textbooks. Schools and organizations such as sororities and fraternities will be able to have one such site built, and help students save on one of the main expenses they always strive to meet. And they will also generate an income – each time someone purchases a book, the publication partners and affiliates will pay them between 7 % – 15 % of the purchase price.

These partners include Amazon, Better World Books, CampusBooks, Audible and Half.com. Such a list of renowned partners also ensures the efficacy of the searches themselves, of course. The student who looks anything up through such a site is more than likely to find what he needs, at these prices he can afford. And the accuracy of the information that is featured is further ensured since everything is collected in compliance with the US Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008.

Textbo is actually a college-founded startup. It has already launched successfully in more than 20 schools the width and breadth of the country.

Textbo.org In Their Own Words

Our platform allows you to build and monetize a textbook price-comparison engine for your school.

Why Textbo.org It Might Be A Killer

It gives schools and organizations all over the country a ready chance to help their students find the textbooks they need, and generate an income at the same time.

Some Questions About Textbo.org

What other services is this company going to offer in the future? Textbo.org