Testors.com – The Testor Corporation

Testors.comLooking for hobby, craft and home decorating products? If so, you should consider visiting Testors.com, the web site of The Testor Corporation.

This company has been manufacturing these products for more than 70 years and has always been associated with quality and integrity. As soon as you enter the site you will notice the new products section, where you will find one of the cool new Testors products; if interested in checking out what´s news, click on the product and find more information. Start searching for the products you are interested in buying in the online gallery; all the products displayed come with their description and features for you to have an idea of what they are all about. If interested in selling your own products in Testors, what you have to do is send a color photo of your work, and explain its features, the products and techniques used to create it, and that´s it. Testors.com