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TechEBlog.comThough carrying a highly controvertible amount of contextual ads, is a great place to find out about all things tech, innovative design and gadgets: they cover from cool workplaces to the latest cell phone release, to new games and gaming consoles.

The site usually gets updated several times a day, which is one of the reasons to explain why it’s so popular, though clearly the fact that the posts are short, well written and about things people are actually interested to read. If it’s your first time visiting the site, probably the best way to start is to take a look at the recommended post list you’ll find to the bottom of the page, or you can also explore the hot posts section to see what the buzz is all about. The site actually belongs to an eCommerce site selling consumer electronics, computers and other gadgets, so if you found any of the articles on the blog interesting and feel like buying the stuff they are talking about, you can try