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TeacherMagazine.orgTeacherMagazine.org is a website brought to you by Editorial Projects in Education Inc.

, an online publisher that carries on several educational projects on the web. It is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization which’s primary mission is to help raise the level of awareness and understanding among professionals and the public of important issues in American education. Through its projects, this organization covers local, state, and national news and issues from preschool through the 12th grade. At TeacherMagazine.org visitors will find a large amount of academic material and news related to educational subjects. The site has many sections full of resources, including texts and services for education professionals, students, and the community in general. At the top of your screen you’ll see the links that will lead you to specific sections, including Topics, Opinion, Community, and Marketplace. At the homepage you can check the latest headlines about projects, educative programs, educational institutions, and much more. TeacherMagazine.org