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TattooWoo.comAre you thinking of getting a tattoo but haven’t quite figured out what it is you want? If you’re looking for some inspiration and aren’t sure where to look, you should check out


This website offers users hundreds of tattoo designs to choose from, no matter what style you like best. Here you’ll find everything from classic pinups to tribals, fairies, crosses, butterflies, kanji, religious, cartoons, and much much more. In order to find the designs you want, click on the gallery menu and choose the theme you want to explore and you’ll then see some thumbnails. In order to view the full tattoo design, you’ll have to first sign up and pay a membership fee. Since these are original works of art, in order to print and use them a fee is necessary. Once you have become a member you’ll have full access to all the images and will be able t print them out in order to take them to your favorite tattoo shop.


Author : Bruce Turner

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