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TargetRooms.comTargetRooms is a brand-new hotel search website. It takes a different approach to what we are mostly accustomed to.

That is, most search sites take for granted that you already know exactly where it is that you are going to stay, and they offer up maps only once you have selected a likely candidate. Target Rooms turns this around, and it places the map at the centre of the search. Every time that you move the map then the display is updated with hotels that meet the price range and the dates that you have specified beforehand.

This combination of a dynamic map with live availability makes for finding hotels near any location a far smoother task, as a simple search query will let you access a wealth of opportunities in a setting that is immediate. And since the system operates at any zoom level it is even possible to find the 10 most popular hotels in any continent if you want. For example, you can find the top spots in all of Oceania if you need to in a mere couple of clicks. And the eventual addition of price comparison capabilities will be one to look out for. In Their Own Words

“Hotel map search.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for finding a hotel in a completely different setting, and one that will work intuitively enough for mostly everybody.

Some Questions About

When are new features being rolled in?