Tap.com – TAP Pharmaceutical Products

Tap.comThe company that is known as TAP Pharmaceutical Products can be reached online at Tap.com.

The site is split into different categories that provide corporate information as well as giving the visitor a good overview of PrevAcid, the product that the company specializes in. Said product caters for those who have stomach problems, and the section under the “Prescribing information” heading includes useful information on how the product should be administered alongside a concise description of side effects and the way that PrevAcid treats the existing condition. For its part, a category that goes by the name of “Research & Development” is subdivided into a section entitled “Clinical Research” and an “Investigator Initiated Research” page. Other section that merits a mention is the one entitled “Patient Assistance Program”, where programs that have the objective of making TAP medications available at affordable prices are detailed. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage on the merging that has recently taken place with Takeda Pharmaceuticals is also featured on the main page. Tap.com