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TanningBeds4Less.comAn eCommerce site specializing in selling tanning beds and accessories for them, TanningBeds4Less.com is definitely the way to go if you want to look tanned the year round, with or without the sun’s cooperation.

Though it is clear that you must have some background on solar beds in order to do your shopping, the whole shopping process is made very easy, as the wide variety of products on offer is sorted out into convenient categories, depending on the use you want to give to your equipment, namely salon or personal use; I was happy to see that other than the tanning beds themselves plus accessories, replacement parts and tanning lotion, users can take advantage of a variety of useful resources, which can help them read on about solar beds, how to set up a salon, and also some precious advice on what charge policy should be adopted by salon owners for their tanning sessions. Also very useful are the maintenance and cleaning guides, the library of downloadable instruction manuals, the guide to related tanning websites, and the glossary of tanning lotion terms. TanningBeds4Less.com