– Did Someone Say Cheating?

Sythe.orgStop playing right now. In this world where people that actually finish a game without using cheats can be counted with one hand, this might as well be the perfect webpage for al the other million who do use them.

This is a gigantic forum where people from all around the world share its ideas, tips and tricks on the most popular games right now. The forum is so enormous that you actually have a search engine in which you can search for posts based on username, words in the post or just in the subject, by date, and only in particular forums. This way you will always be sure you will find your game cheat. To register, you will need to specify a username and password, and a valid email address. The forum subjects range from Runescape, Runescape Black Market (whatever that is,) and World of Warcrat Markets. You also have Technical Support, Music… If I continue naming the forums you can enter at, I will not ever end. So just give it a try.