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SunTrustEducation.ComSun Trust Education offers education loans. Whether you are looking for a federal loan or have maxed out of your federal loan eligibility and need a private loan, they can help you ease the task of navigating the application process.

Their loan instructions will guide you through the process, from upfront information necessary to complete the application, to expectations about loan approval time and borrower obligations. SunTrust suggests you allow the government to help you find the money necessary for education. They recommend loans provided through the Federal Family Education Loan Program, and Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students. If scholarship, grants, and federal loans don’t cover all your education costs, look into their SunTrust private loan option to supplement your financial aid package. Although they are more than happy to lend you money, its mission is to encourage you to try getting scholarships or grant. All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine and type in the word “scholarship” or “grants” and you should find thousands of sites providing related information. SunTrustEducation.Com