– Day And Summer Camps

Summer-daycamps.comIf you are thinking to send your children to a day or summer camp, or you are looking one for yourself, then this website can be of great help. Summer-daycamps.

com is a summer day camp directory including hundreds of camps either for kids, teens, and youth. In fact, on their directory they have more than 6000 day camps to choose from in Canada and the United States. This service is completely free either for those looking for a camp and for those submitting camps. Looking for a camp is very simple, since there are different methods to choose from. You can look by zip code, by state, city, or camp name. Since the service is entirely free and submitted by the users, the website doesn’t make warranties about the accuracy of the listings. Each summer camp listed here comes with description, links, phone number, and it can be reviewed by the users.