– One Suggestion After The Other

SuggestionChain.comWhat would happen if we had a system that would take the suggestions that Google can make when we carry out any search and reformulate them? Well, it looks like we are about to find it out. True to its name, the Suggestion Chain website offers that very same service.

On the site, you are allowed to key in any term that represents your search interests and then be presented with a succession of related concepts.

This is done automatically. You input your search term, and then Suggestion Chain will look at the suggestions that Google itself produces. It will then pick one at random, and then it will take that as the basis of a new search. A new term will then be picked, and the process will be started one more time. When the chain of suggestions has been completed, it will be presented to you in all its glory… or incoherence. More than often, Suggestion Chain is a system that works in both ways. You will either get an ultra-refined search term, or you will get one that is pure balderdash. In Their Own Words

For when you want Google to be a little more specific.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a different way to refine search terms. It does not work all the time, but sometimes it yields interesting results.

Some Questions About

How can this become even more practical?