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StreetMatching.comThis site is the one antidote for when Cupid gets carried away and ends up targeting two who have absolutely nothing in common, not even being located near or spending time together on a regular basis. On Street Matching, you will be able to find any person that you once crossed paths with and sort of shook your ground.

Users of the site are enabled to pinpoint the exact location they came across that seemingly special one, and the date and time that happened. If the other person has supplied (or supplies) the very same information then you both will be notified. You will receive the picture of each other via email, so that you can confirm the crush. And once that has been confirmed, you will be able to begin emailing each other directly.

The site is free to join and use. Accounts are created by providing a working email address, and by supplying a recent picture (that is what will be used for confirming any crush, so choose wisely). In Their Own Words

In the street, on the metro, in a bar, at a concert?anywhere you go you can run into someone and love can spring up between you. StreetMatching enables you to contact that person you had a crush on, as long as the two of you want it. It?s a new attitude that is changing the way we relate with each other. It is free and confidential.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you feel strong enough about any person you have crossed paths with, then a site like this one will give you what you need not to let the flame die unattended.

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Is this service going to expand to other countries?