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At you can access to your online student profile if you are taking courses at Strayer University. This will let you access all the information you need for a better management of your courses, such as enrolling to them or consulting your grades and examination results, among other activities.

Strayer University has a bunch of online courses also, through a system called Blackboard, that provides a very good platform in which you can enjoy this way of learning based on technology. Whether you take an online course or not, Blackboard will be useful as a resource for on campus courses anyway. This is because teachers may post assignments or schedule special classes apart from the regular time table. Don’t worry if at first you are not very familiar with the usage of the program, a tutorial is included online so that you can enjoy the best tips on how to get the most from it. Later on you will certainly get used to it and won’t be able to study or make your work without it.

What’s interesting is that this online software lets you study online both synchronized courses or non synchronized ones. While the first ones work with live broadcasts of the professors, the latter are based on recorder lectures.

Apart from providing you the best tools to enhance your learning experience, the Strayer University online account lets you check vital information concerning deadlines for applying for courses, see account status concerning payment fees at Strayer, and every other tool related to your life as a student.

So just visit to get the best way of getting through your student years. It is another way in which Strayer University gives a good level of educational services. This institution, which was founded in 1892 in Maryland as a business college, acquired University status in 1998. In Their Own Words

On this Web site, Strayer University strives to provide our students with all of the information they need for educational success while enrolled at the University, and beyond.

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The tools that this websites provides will help students to save time and enjoy at the fullest their lives as students.

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Is there a chance to take online courses without being enrolled at that university?


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