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StraterBros.comThe beginning of the Strater Bros. Supermarkets was as a small grocery store in 1936, owned by the twin Strater brother, Cleo and Leo, Strater Bros.

became one of the biggest “super” markets after World War II in April, 1948. Advancing rapidly throughout the years, trying to better than the rest, the Strater Bros. company’s technology advanced greatly through the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s making the supermarkets one of the biggest and most important in Southern California and its counties. Including restaurants and Coffee Shops, so that shoppers could combine shopping with dining out, the Strater Brother began being known all over. Today, Strater Bros. is one of the largest privately owned Chain Supermarket in Southern California, with 162 Full Service Supermarkets in the six Southern California counties. is a website dedicated to the life of Strater Bros. Company, how it became what it is today. With different sections which categorize the information into Shopping, Stores, Community, Company and Employees, this website has everything you would want to know about your supermarket; even a place to find a Strater Bros. near you.