– A Faster Way To Browse eBay

StoreSlider.comIf you are one of those who feel that eBay leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of layout and overall design, then this is a site you are likely to bookmark. At its most basic level, Store Slider offers an alternative way to browse through items that are listed on that popular marketplace.

The search process itself involves supplying the relevant keywords and picking the category that applies using a drop down menu which contains each and every single product category featured on eBay.

You are likewise allowed to sort results in a plethora of ways, ranging from “Best match” and “Most watched” to “Fewest bids” and “Lowest bids”. And the option of letting you look up “Buy It Now Only” and “Free Delivery Only” items takes the site from being useful to being quite foolproof in terms of accuracy.

And if you are not looking for anything in particular but are on a window shopping mood, then simply direct your browser to the site and see all the items that are featured on the main page. All the main product categories are touched upon, so that you can imagine there is a lot to see and discover. In Their Own Words

“Find deals faster.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who feel that eBay’s interface could use an overhaul will feel at home here.

Some Questions About

What gives this site an edge over others that also let you browse eBay?