– E-zine For The Traditional Archer

Stickbow.comThe Stickbow is a fundamental site in the bookmark section of any devoted archer, as it is a community of hunters, collectors, designers and enthusiasts who join to discuss all these topics and buy and sell supplies and equipment. Visit the site to find hunting trip logs including text, photos and videos, or discover the rich history of ancient and contemporary archery.

One of the most attractive and useful bits of the site is to be found under the Bowbuilding area, where users can read extensive how-to’s, find out how to choose wood, learn what the best glues for each project are, and also get tips for finishing. I was expecting the site to display diagrams for specific designs, maybe as PDFs, but no such thing is to be found for the time being. is also a great way to find links to related sites of interest, where you can go on reading or shop for bows.