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StayingConnected.comSample giving and event waiting is probably not your dream job, but if you need to get a part time job, these options are probably quite good compared to fast-food cashiering, so having a direct source to hear all about the job openings and events in which you can participate as consumer service, marketing staff and similar opportunities nationwide is always good. By signing up in the StayingConnected.


com site and filling a short form, you get hired and start learning about events in your area, and decide whether to attend or not. This company is carrying out a very cool program that allows members of the site (workers of the company, that is) to upload their event pictures and earn one dollar for each of them, and once a minimum is reached, that money is donated to a school or charity organization chosen by the person. You can also earn bucks for this program by referring other people that might be interested in working for this company, and by filling surveys.


Author : Steve Dixon

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